Preparing for Your Texas Divorce

  • by Burgfechtel Law Offices
  • Jan 10, 2019
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So the time has come and you are wanting to consult with a family law attorney to discuss filing for a divorce. Before an attorney can help you with your divorce process, there are documents your divorce attorney will need from you.

Here is a list of general documents that you will want to organize and provide to your divorce attorney that will make it easier for the work on your divorce to begin.  During our representation of you, we will likely request that you provide other documentation as well; however, these items are needed in virtually every divorce.

Real Estate Documents

  • Copies of deeds of all real estate owned
  • Copies of all loans/mortgages on real estate owned
  • Tax assessor statement on real estate


Income Documents

  • Pay Stubs for both spouses
  • IRS tax records (past three years preferably)


Financial Records

  • Checking and Savings account info and account balances
  • A list of creditors for both spouses; whose name and when the accounts were opened,  the balance for each account
  • Retirement, IRA’s,  employee savings, benefits accounts and any stocks


Life & Health Insurance Documents

  • Information on all life insurance policies for spouses, including children. (also, include policies through employers)
  • Include information if any life insurance policies have cash balances or any loans against them.
  • Information on current Health insurance policies


Personal Property and Community  Property

  • Copies of titles and registrations to automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles etc.
  • A list of furnishings, jewelry, machinery, etc that is to be divided in the divorce.


At the Burgfechtel Law Offices we understand that a client may not have access or the ability to obtain all of the important records needed to prove assets of a marriage.  Do not worry. We will help get the records that we need, however, if you want to save some time (and money) the above documents will be needed.

The Burgfechtel Law Offices, PLLC can help you with your Texas divorce.  Call us for a free initial phone consultation today!