There are several reasons you might need to request the court to modify or enforce a portion of your divorce order.  Circumstances such as loss of employment, a need to relocate, and medical conditions can affect a child custody or child support order.  When an ex spouse or ex partner fails to abide by what has been ordered by the court, an enforcement action may be necessary.


In Texas, any party that is affected by a court order can file a suit to modify your order.  Additionally, the State of Texas Child Support Agency can also intervene and file a suit to modify your order.  The Burgfechtel Law Offices can help you with any of the following types of modifications :

  • Child custody modifications
  • Child visitation modifications
  • Child support modifications
  • Spousal support modifications
  • Geographical restrictions on your child’s residence
  • Other post-decree modifications



In Texas, parties are encouraged to attempt to resolve disputes outside of court before asking the court to get involved. Sometimes, however, your only option is to ask a judge to make an ex spouse or partner follow an order of the court.

The Burgfechtel Law Offices can help you with the following types of motions for enforcement:

  • Child Support
  • Denials of Access and / or Visitation with Children
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support
  • Enforcement of other provisions of a final court order


If you are needing modifications to a court order, need help to enforce an existing order,  or need help to defend against a proposed enforcement being filed against you, contact the Burgfechtel Law Offices today for a free initial phone consultation.

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