Child support is money a parent pays to help with the cost of raising a child, such as the cost of food, housing, clothing, school supplies, daycare and activities.  Texas child support law also provides for parents to participate in paying for the medical and dental care for their children.

Texas law establishes general child support guidelines.  Support amounts are generally based on a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s after-tax income.  Burgfechtel Law Offices’ attorney, R. Jeffrey Burgfechtel, will help you understand the basis of these guidelines and how they apply to you.

Are you dealing with a parent that is failing in their duty and obligation to pay child support for your children?  If you are owed back child support, the Burgfechtel Law Offices will help you pursue the other parent for the funds rightfully owed to you for the support of your children.

Has your former spouse, or the Texas Attorney General’s Office, sued you for child support arrears or to increase your child support?  Are you are having financial hardships which make it difficult for you to pay your child support? If so, you need an experienced child support attorney to assist you.  The Burgfechtel Law Offices will work on your behalf to help you avoid further problems and the possibility of facing jail. Financial hardships or the changing needs of your children may alter your circumstances, but until you file legal documents and get a new Court Order, you are responsible for continuing to pay child support at the current level.  

It is important to consult with a family law attorney if you need help with a child support related issue.  Attorney R. Jeffrey Burgfechtel has experience in the area of child support and he will help you understand the Texas child support laws and the rules for child support collection and enforcement that apply to your particular situation.  Whether you are ending a marriage or are already divorced, circumstances change and often child support should be modified also.

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