Abraham Lincoln said it best, “A Lawyer’s time and advice are his stock and trade.”  In family law matters you cannot pay for your lawyer with a percentage of your “winnings” because some of the issues you are litigating are not even financial in nature (i.e. children).  Ultimately all you can do is pay for your lawyers time.

In matters of family law, sometimes it is not easy to predict how much time will need to be spent on your case.  Family law matters are emotionally charged and every client (and soon to be ex spouse) are different. That said, after working with family law clients for over 20 years in 3 different states, I have gotten pretty good at accurately estimating the cost of a matter during the free initial phone consultation.  So give me a call and before you pay anything I will provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of what your matter will cost.

If you already know that you and your spouse have agreed on everything up front, then your matter will be less difficult and may qualify for the discounted Flat Fee divorce services options.

Many divorce and custody cases begin as seemingly minor disputes but end as major battles.  The greater the battle, the more time will be needed to complete your matter.

Here are questions that help determine the level of complexity of your divorce:

1) Does your spouse agree to getting a divorce?

2) Do you and your spouse agree on the division of your property, assets and debts?

3) Do you (or will you) and your spouse agree to all matters regarding child support, child custody, and possession & access schedules?

4) Do you and your spouse own any real estate or other significant property?

5) Do you and your spouse have any investment or retirement accounts?

6) Is there a business owned by either spouse?

The legal fees for your divorce will vary according to your circumstances. Call R. Jeffrey Burgfechtel, a Texas divorce attorney located in Plano, for a free phone consultation to determine your options and the estimated cost for your divorce.

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